Read What Our Patients Have Been Saying..

“The staff is upbeat, caring and put me at ease before my extraction. The doctor is beyond amazing. The procedure went easily; couldn’t believe it was over. Incredibly, there has been absolutely no pain since procedure was over. Easier than I could have imagined. What a great office and doctor! I very highly recommend.”   – D.S

“From start to finish…
My whole experience has been very positive. Scheduling, staff to the relaxing environment.
I had 2 separate appointments. All wisdom teeth removed and a very large Tori. Almost no pain at all. I had put off this procedure for years. Very glad I got it done and OMS would be the only way to go. Thanks you Center City OMS…”  – S.B.

” My Orthodontist referred me to get two fused incisors removed and a wisdom tooth under anesthesia on two separate occasions, and they made it my BEST dental appointment each time. I always had extreme anxiety in the past with anything tooth related, But they have a special way of making you feel like your in good hands. The staff are amazing and Dr.Chi is very sweet, which I especially appreciate along with the follow-up calls, since quite frankly.. extractions suck. This is the only place I’ll go and recommend!”   – A.D

“From the moment I walked into the office, until the time I left, I had the most positive experience here. The young lady who greeted me at the front desk was so friendly, nice, funny, and sweet (she let me keep one of the pens yay!), she made the check in process go so smoothly. The dental hygienist assistant was also friendly, nice, funny, and sweet and made the wait for the surgeon a great experience as well. The surgeon was funny, nice, friendly too. Overall, I feel comfortable and trust the surgeon and her staff with the extraction of my wisdom teeth. Top tier experience. I would highly recommend.”  – C.C                                      

I had an amazing experience with Dr Chi and the entire staff at her office. Had a tooth removal, bone graft, and dental implant put in which wasn’t easy, yet Dr Chi even called me herself after the procedure to see how I was feeling. Absolutely go here if you need work done!!! Can’t recommend enough.”  L.R, 

I could not sing the praises of Dr. Chi and her staff any higher. I might not need to write this since Dr. Chi and her staff already have so many glowing reviews, but it feels important to thank them for their incredible work and decorum. I have had bad experiences with surgeons and dentists before and was very nervous about my wisdom tooth extraction, but Dr. Chi and her staff went out of their way to make my experience incredibly comfortable. Everything was explained thoroughly and modifications were made easily based on my needs. They also went very far out of their way to hold an appointment for me when challenges arose. I never thought an oral & maxillofacial surgery would be able to impress me so much but everyone who works there is incredible!”  – C.K, 

If I could give this place more than 5 stars I could. I had my 4 impacted wisdom teeth (difficult cases) removed here today. It is very convenient to find afforable parking around the area. I Woke up from sedation I felt pain free. They addressed all my concerns and make sure I can breathe easily during the surgery since I have deviated septum keeping me from breathing easily. I thought i would feel exhausted and dizzy but I woke up feeling like nothing happened besides some numb. They called to check up on me and also after taking the prescribed meds I dont have any problems. I cant wait for my gum and frenectomy recovery. Thank you DR Chi and all the supportive staffs.” – L.A

Dr Chi inspires confidence in her skills as a surgeon. She takes the time to explain the procedure beforehand and works to make sure the patient is comfortable. Her staff is professional and friendly.” E.F 

I had three wisdom teeth removed last week and I have zero complaints at all about the procedure, the experience, or the recovery. I am extremely terrified of all medical procedures and was exceptionally nervous about going under anesthesia, as it was my first time. Both Dr. Chi and her nurse were incredibly comforting and calmed all of my intense nerves. After the surgery I had no pain at all, just a bit of soreness that was easily taken care of by the prescribed Ibuprofen and Tylenol Extra Strength as directed by Dr. Chi. The only issue (which Dr. Chi warned me about) is a nerve was impacted and I am numb in my lip, chin, and some bottom teeth. Dr. Chi warned me it could happen so it was not a surprise and certainly not her fault.” 
I realized that all of my incessant worrying and panic about the surgery was for nothing. I was diligent about rinsing and maintaining proper after care to ensure optimal healing. That coupled with Dr. Chi’s expert hand allowed me to have a near perfect experience, and I would HIGHLY recommend this office for any wisdom teeth related needs.” D.D. 

“The Dr has Magic hands! I’ve had one implant done awhile back, no pain after the procedure. I came back to have two teeth pulled due to an infection. Was in the chair for two hours due to the infection and still no pain the next day! When I’m done I will have a total of three implants and I’m sure without any pain! The staff is very accommodating as well as personable. There is never a long wait to be seen and they work with your schedule! They also follow up after your procedure to see how you are doing!” M.H. 

“I had my wisdom teeth extracted last week. Dr. Chi and her assistant Sarah were very helpful. The young women at the front desk were nice as well. The MA team made my extraction fast and with minimal pain. Dr. Chi’s team also called me the next day to see how I was doing. Very clean and excellent customer service. Would recommend for oral surgery procedures”. – T.S.  

“Dr. Chi, Sarah, Sasha, and everyone are truly the best. Dr. Chi is an amazing surgeon that combined with her (and her staff’s) approach…warm, friendly, caring, and so thoughtful…makes me thankful to be a patient there. Dr. Chi’s expertise and investment in technology and her patients’ comfort alleviated my anxiety and changed the way I view oral care. Thank you so much Dr. Chi.” – A.T. 

“This office is great. The Doctor was very nice and helpful. I had a wisdom teeth extraction operation last Friday. I had 3 removed. All 3 were deeply impacted. My operation came with some moderate/high risks with impacting my nerves and sinus. The Doctor notified me of all the risks and assured me she would do her best to remedy the situation without any complications. I went in for the operation and came out without any complications period. She completed the operation perfectly. A few days later I went in with some pain and she addressed all of my issues and concerns. I highly recommend this office and doctor. She was Great!” – F.B. 
“Dr. Chi is amazing. What I appreciate so much about her practice (Center City OMS) is that I found an oral surgeon who is so highly-qualified and at the same time extremely patient-centric. Doctor Chi is friendly and “down-to-earth.” She alleviated my anxiety by talking to me before my surgery and reassuring me. She treats you with kindness, compassion, and understanding. She is transparent in explaining findings and communicating options. Dr. Chi took the time to talk to me in every interaction, before, during, and after my surgery; never making me feel like she was in a rush”. – A.T.   
“This office is fantastic. Dr.Chi, the staff, and the receptionist were all very welcoming and most importantly thoroughly answered all of the questions/concerns that I had. I went to see Dr. Chi after having a terrible experience with a different maxillofacial office in western, PA (doctor did not answer my questions or address my concerns. Would just examine my mouth after surgery and tell me to come back in a month). Dr. Chi addressed these concerns, ran the proper tests/scans for both of us to understand what was going on and what the next treatment plan would be. She is very knowledgeable and her office has superb technology for her work. Highly recommend her. I wish all doctors/offices would set themselves to such standards. Big thanks to the Google users who accurately reviewed her and ultimately helped me find her office.” S.P. – 
“Dr. Chi was wonderful. I chose to stay awake during my procedure and I must say she put me at as much ease as if I were sedated. Dr. Chi is knowledgeable and competent. I also love the ambiance of the office and the awesome coffee bar!!! I highly recommend Dr. Chi!!! If you are in need of an oral surgeon, she is the one to see!!!” – L.D.  
“I had a positive experience with Dr. Chi and her staff when I came in for tooth extraction. Every step of the way, I was impressed with the level of professionalism and courtesy that was on display. I would definitely recommend the office to anyone who needs oral surgery, as Dr. Chi and her staff are definitely a class above the rest.” – S.O.